(Iranian Tablet (DIMO 700 Tablet Review

While I was reading “The First Iranian Tablet” it struck me that how it will welcomed by domestic consumers among these colorful and high-performance tablets of other brands. Some disapprove it in national products However many accept it and support it absolutely as a positive and fair one. Since this is a hot topic and it had a lot of strict supporters and dissidents, We have invited the first Iranian Tablet to our Lab.

It have been arrived to the markets under the DIMO brand. DIMO 700(7’s Display) and DIMO 900(9’s display). Follow us to know more detailed information about the DIMO 700 (Because we had this one).

What’s in the box?

It seems that the maker attempted in a way that DIMO 700 customer has no difficulties and problems in buying the tablet. Hence except for headphones and Charge Adapter  there are LCD protector, an instructional CD including applicable and useful Android Applications such as Antivirus and several games. And of course a USB On The Go cable Adapter  One end of this Cable port is for connecting to tablet and another side connecting to a USB port. It is interesting to know that not only  DIMO able to connect to Flash Memories but also to a Mouse to use in DIMO OS. And the last thing you can find in its box, is a Mini USB Cable for connecting your PC and tablet.


The outstanding quality that attract my attention of the Iranian tablet is its glossy white case. On the back of the Case there is the word DIMO (It is also in Red and Capital) and of course the phrase Made In IRAN make any Iranian proud of it. It’s amasing that there is no sign of Camera at the back and the only things you can find is the Speaker at the right and Micro SD port! You may cover speaker if you use it horizontally, But it never happen when you work vertically.

Hopefully DIMO frame is very firm and consistent. The 7′ Display is located on thick black frame. I think it would be better if the frame designed thinner and narrower. It is outstanding that in the middle upper of tablet, there is a VGA quality Camera for Video Conference and on the other right side of it, there is Low Battery alarm light.

 On the upper head side of the frame, Power/Lock button and Volume control is located. On the right corner, the order from top to bottom, is Headphone 3.5 mm jack, Micro HDMI port, Mini USB port and Charger Socket appears.


As we mentioned in the review of the previous tablets, The outstanding part of a tablet is its Screen. This is because not only does it play a role as a command input but also it is most saint part of a tablet. You will be always deal with it and of utmost importance.

DIMO 700 uses a  capacitive 7 inches touchscreen and the resolution of 800*480 with capability of recognizing 5 spots simultaneously. It is interesting to know that in every inch^2 of the tablet screen there is 133 Pixels.

The 7′ screen has desirable touching quality and the display angle isn’t in a way that the person next to you can interfere in your job! from an other aspect, according to DIMO 700 Class, you can’t expect much of the screen! The quality of display is clearly available if you keep it completely in front of you. With the smallest change in the display angle, you will confront with a vague and dark picture. You should bear in mind that there is no absolute good or bad thing, so you can find an implicity good characteristic in this product. In fact dealing with this devise, specially in public places, the people beside you can’t access your tablet picture or screen. Hence, curiosity sense is avoided.

In the below slide,You can find out how changing the display angle will affect your picture quality

Operating System

In fact one of the factors that this tablet will be proud of it, is its OS. By using Android 4.0.3, the latest version of Android, it has also Persian Language and a perfect support of it. Persian Fonts are displayed with a good size and arrangement. But you may find some disorders when you surf the web with the built-in internet browser. Other good things you can find in the OS, is its Widgets such as Persian Calendar that will remind you special events and also its split keyboard and numbers in the middle to enable you to type even if you are holding it with both hands!


DIMO 700 uses a Chinese Company “ Allwinner Technology “made chip set named AllWinner A10. It is a single core processor ARM v7 with 1008 MHz frequency and a Mali-400MP graphical chip with 512 MB RAM. DIMO 700 has a 4 GB internal storage and can be upgraded up to 32 GB with the Micro SD memory card port. You can surf fluently in the DIMO OS by using Android Ice Cream Sandwich and a Mono-core processor.

You may be amazed by knowing that the only way you can connect this tablet to the wireless network is Wi-Fi or a 3G Modem and there is no sign of Bluetooth!

You’ll find out more about this tablet by reading the rest of the article and see how it’ll be perform in our professional tests.

In our first test, as usual, we measure the CPU performance by Benchmark PI. In this test the lower score shows the better CPU performance. There is clear enough how it have done with other rivals. But we should mention that those Rivals have 2 core inside.

At the next step, we will use applicable Quadrant Advanced test to measure the Tablet performance more in-detailed.

Note:The Higher score shows Higher performance.

 The 3rd test is the SmartBench to see how CPU and GPU work together.


The last test is browsermark test. You may expect more than 24829 by a single-core CPU!


By noticing that this is a National Made product and our duty to support them, An Iranian Tablet will be a step forward and it is admirable. A Firm frame and using the latest Android 4 are the 2 most important factors to win. But, beside these factors and the revolution in Iran Digital Products, price and the overall quality should be discuss more.

By noticing the support of Persian Language and the people desire to buy Iranian Made products, we will see almost one Iranian Tablet in every Home if the price and the quality review!


Big SmileFirm and consistent Frame

Big SmileAndroid v. 4

Big SmileGood support of the accessories find in the box


Unhappy Low quality Display resolution

UnhappyNot supporting of Bluetooth

UnhappyNot very powerful Hardware


Size: 193×119×9.8 mm

Weight: 350 gr

Display: 7 inches,  capacitive touch screen,  resolution of 800*480 Pixel

OS: Android 4.0.3

Processor: 1 GHz, Single-Core

Ram: 512 MB

Network: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

Battery: 3000 mA

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