(For and Against (Sony Smart Watch review

Up to this time, a lot of accessories for smart phones has come to the market and everybody buys one according to his/her necessity and interest. Some accessories like Display covers and gadget Cases are cheaper. In the other hand, some devices like speakers and headphones cost a small fortune. Today, we’re gonna review a gadget which is both different and more expensive from two previous ones.

If you have read the title (Surely you have done) you noticed that what mean here is SONY smart watch. It is attractive at first look and to ave a watch with SONY logo is cool and tempting to its fans. However, its high cost (150$) makes you examine more about its performance. Because of this importance, we provide you this article.

Who Am I ?

You will be confused if you want to search the web to know more about the watch! Some realize it a good for nothing product of Sony ever, some believe this this product is revolutionary and positive one! As a matter of fact which of these opinions is correct? For arriving at a good conclusion we ask you the following questions:

1- What do expect this watch to be?

2- What capabilities you want to achieve?

– Showing time (certainly there are cheaper and more beautiful ones)

-Makes you seem more prestigious?

-Sony Brand?

-High efficiency? (This is what we want)

-Speed in connection? (It’s hard to achieve)

Or a group of items above?

This watch is full of positive and negative points which may turn it to the most ambiguous item of the company. So close your eyes if you intend to buy the watch! Because negative points may discourage you from buying it. The Smart Sony watch is verily a real watch, but to some extent it is not obvious!

Open the box

 The rectangular cube box of the watch contains just catalogs and instructions! (It seems that the cost of paper in foreign countries hasn’t risen like here!) When you get rid of all of these words, you will see a square shape of the watch on which Sony was written in silver. A metal band is also attached and its white back remains no objection. Though it seems a bit thick (esp. on ladies wrest), the watch stripe is another piece attached to the watch separately. The stripe can be fastened easily whit just one clip or pin the main part. Moreover Sony provides you whit two pin numbers and one additional metal surface. So if you like the stripe in the box, you can use anither stripe with your own taste. Another point to maintain here is variety. You know the fact: variety counts! So far,  so good we come  across a white attractive string. Can you guess what? Yeah,good guess. It is charging cable connecting to computer which is connect to usb port and at the other end, to our smart watch. Now, two bad news are for you: first, It is the watch charging port, since it doesn’t resemble to any standard ports we have seen and in fact there are four pins and the worse part if lose one of the pin you can not use this watch(At least, finding the cable in iran is impossible). Any way the sony didn’t the  sony didn’t bother to use a standard port like mini/micro usb. The second bad news relates to the tome when you connect the watch to the computer. Since the ony thing you will find is  charging cable! Actually it doesn’t offer you outstanding capability. As a resault this is first point you doubt the smartnes of the watch. Fastening te watch on your hand is easily done, and since the main body of the watch is like a clipse attqached to the stripe, you can remove the watch without unfasstening the stripe. Take care if you warlike, the watch will be removed in the action!

How I am working?

Suppose you are a person who bought the watch eagerly. Then you opened the watch and fastened the watch on your hand. Now you use your right hand to turn the watch on. Ok, what do you see? Settiling time? Specifying place? Setting the language? Actually none of them. The only thing you will see is connecting your watch to phone and perhaps it is the second time you doubt the sartness of the watch. Tou tell yourself: what a smart watch it is? It doesn’t show time without phone! By setting up the options and syncing  it with your Android phone, now you should install the watch applications. Why? Because you can’t find any installed software on the watch! Don’t search inside the box, because you must enter Google Play through your Call operator internet and try to download a lot of essential software. In this part, you will face the biggest problem because of Google sanctions for Iranian users. (The experience was interesting that they didn’t let me install apps from Google play even in Dubai airport! Perhaps they hear me speaking Farsi). At this stage you have to refer sites such as http://www.1mobile.com in order to search and install APPS one by one. Now the watch may allow you to perform the commands. Of course you should do all the things with your phone and the watch acts like the only observer lets you don’t make a mistake. In fact, all the software will install on the phone and you should use phones control panel to transfer apps via Bluetooth to the watch!

If you pass installing stage successfully, now it is time to see what capabilities the watch gives you. The news is gradually improving. Suppose you are in the company of others and your phone is in your pocket or bag. Suddenly your phone rings and you look your watch calmly instead of taking phone out of your pocket. The fact is you look your watch screen not for checking time but for checking the number or the name of the caller. More interesting to know is the e=watch informs you everything with a small vibration. Probably the first thing to notice is other’s reaction! (I mean the way they stare at you and your watch). So I recommended you to reject the call because you have to take your phone out of your pocket again unless you have predicted this event and provided yourself with hands free. These are just some of the capabilities of your Smart watch since you are able to read your messages, though you can’t reply them. More ever you can connect to email, Facebook, twitter… but you shouldn’t expect to see your friends photo albums since its screen is just 1.3 inches. The watch enables you to see photo albums of yourself but the question is, is watching photos on a small screen with a 128*128 pixel resolution enjoyable? The last but not the least, the small screen of your watch also supports multi-touch technology. As a matter of fact you have to use this feature a lot and also it is desirable.

How much should I work?

Battery is an important thing to take care. Nobody changes his watch’s battery every week because of high cost and wasting time. With this smart watch, your first problem is solved, but what about time? In fact you have to wait a lot of time to charge your watch. So don’t look at your wrist if you haven’t brought watch. Your battery works for you according to the extent you have use it. Since will never find a person who sleeps with his watch (with such a big one!) you can count on your body for 3 or 4 days. After 3 or 4 days you have to use your specific watch cable and charge your watch trough computer or laptop. The best and fastest way is to use another charger, too. Be careful you have to spend more money for fast charging.

What is lovely with me?

The first thing to mention is that the watch looks weirdo! Although it’ll be normal after sometimes pass. And if you lose a lot of calls just because of your busy workplace or being away of your phone, you don’t to worry this time by watch vibration that makes you aware of everything. Next, you can easily fasten the watch on your wrist. Neither the weight nor the appearance bothers you. More over some programs like distance-meter can be useful for the sportsman. But the most important thing is its prestige (You know, it’s Iran and people!)

What is hateful about me?

The first thing to remember is installing software. The next thing is touching the small screen(esp. for the people with big fingers!). The battery power finishes very soon for a watch. As a result you miss the time. In addition, it doesn’t have a speaker hearing the ring (perhaps someone won’t like vibration). And a microphone for talking is another undesirable thing. In fact the worst thing about Sony Smart watch is its dependency to phone. Don’t forget its high price of the watch regarding the current dollar exchange rate in our country, it’s over 300,000 toman. Perhaps paying such money seems a small fortune.


If you doubt buying or not buying the watch, we suggest you to do so when you have so much money or when you want to experience a new watch. Otherwise the smart watch of our story won’t add any amazing capability to your wrist. The last thing I should refer to is maybe hateful points of it seems more. But you know what; if you love something (and also somebody!) you will overlook bad points. (Don’t think I am the lover). Anyway the Sony Smart Watch with good qualities suffers some shortages and in fact you should consider it only a bridge between your smart phone and your wrist. The watch transforms some important information and it doesn’t have any other positive usage or even smartness.

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